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Interesting Ways to Use RSS

Image courtesy of HiMY SYeD / photopia on Flickr

I will admit that I am very new to RSS feeds. I was made aware of RSS just about a month ago or so, and it was hard to determine how exactly to manage my RSS feeds efficiently or what type of RSS feed to even subscribe to. I was poking around the internet and happened to stumble upon some interesting ways to use RSS – especially to a person who is used to visiting each individual website.

In 2008, ericadewolf on WordPress made a post entitled “Six Creative Uses for RSS.” The post describes unique ways to utilize RSS feeds, such as tracking items on Ebay or even your own name. The post mentions that you can watch for new music releases on iTunes from particular artists, a function that I found fascinating because I am horrible at tracking when my favorite bands are going to release a new album.

Another blog post on EveryJoe.com mentioned the OpenCulture RSS feed, another interesting usage of RSS. Through this feed, you can brush up on a language that you’ve learned in the past but don’t use often. I took some Spanish classes in high school, and I think this could be a good way to refresh and maintain my Spanish comprehension skills.

Calendars and weather can also be tracked using an RSS feed, according to a post by Sharon Housley in small-business-software.net. The calendar can be used to track group events and the like or just for personal use. For example, the peer advisers in my apartment could use the RSS calendar to track and manage my apartment building’s events and include a university event feed in the calendar as well.  The post mentions Calendar Hub as an example. Weather.com and RSSweather.com are two examples of places where you can subscribe to weather updates specific to your region. As someone who gets apprehensive in inclement weather, or for anyone who is interested in knowing the weather constantly, this would be an excellent use for RSS.

I’m pretty glad that I learned about RSS despite being out of the loop for a couple of years. After I get everything figured out, my RSS feed will definitely aid my web browsing, especially after I add all of these interesting feeds.